Monday 19 November 2012

gourmet food & wine show

This weekend we went to the gourmet food and wine expo at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, we enjoyed ourselves but not nearly as much as we did at the wine and cheese tasting in Brampton in March. Apparently they moved the venue from it’s original location and to those of my group that attended last year it was smaller and far more cramped. The isles were so tight it was impossible to see through the crush of people to what was on display on the other side. Although we didn’t have to endure the gauntlet of escalators attendees had to last year, the amount of people crammed into such a confining space made it somewhat uncomfortable (like walking through a jam packed nightclub for ten minutes just to use the bathroom) but the the attendees were all well behaved and in good spirits which in the end made it an enjoyable experience.

My fiance and I are really into wine and cheese and do look forward to the wine and cheese tasting show in Brampton.

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