Wednesday 28 November 2012

Two Broke Girls: Girl power in the new millennium

I like the show Two Broke Girls. There, I said it. It's a live show comedy following the lives of two waitresses in New York City. It's an honest and funny look at Girl power in the new millennium and promotes empowering young women. I'm like the average guy (although I prefer to play sports than sit and watch) but I like guy things. My fiance and I share a love of Sci-Fi movies and TV programs and literature and are very choosy about what we watch together (I say together because of course we are individuals and there are shows we watch independently to spare each other from having to sit through a program the other doesn't like (I'm not a fan of reality TV, but that's subject for another blog)
Now, I'm open to new experiences and I've taken the road less travelled (I can sit through a "chick flick" if it's more entertaining than soapy) but after being exposed to one of my fiances previously favourite shows Gilmore Girls, I found it smart, entertaining (although all the characters tended to speak so quickly I felt my head could explode or suffer a brain crash) and in the last 15 years I've gotten in touch with my feminine side and have a deeper appreciation of all the difficulties women have had to endure since the dawn of civilization. It's been a long road towards equality, and though we still have a ways to go (and a glass ceiling to shatter) there's no doubt women have become more empowered in this age and that's a good thing.

Women have had to overcome education restrictions, voting restrictions, employment restrictions, military service restrictions and relationship restrictions, and are much stronger for it. To me, no show reflects how far women have come than Two Broke Girls. It's smart, funny, sassy and watching it I oft times feel like I'm watching and listening to my fiance and her best friend. There has never been a show that truly allows viewers into the private world of women's conversation during prime time, due to the behavioural restrictions (societies expectations of how a good girl should behave) most of those conversations have been are kept for their ears only, it touches on everything from family values, interpersonal relationships, employment challenges, the effects of economic downturn and sexuality all tongue and cheek and all from the female point of view. A point of view that's no longer being restricted by the sensors.

Like most guys, I resisted the show at first (despite the fact I did find it quite entertaining) until I realized what I was watching. I've seen it many times over the course of my 15 year relationship when hanging out with my fiance and her friends, now I get to see it on TV and feel the 1/2 hour is time well spent. For guys who have no idea what goes through the hearts and minds of today's woman, I say Two Broke Girls is a flat out, no holds barred experience of girl power in the new millennium. If you want an insiders look at how today's woman views her place in the changing world, it's information gold.

P.S. CBS announced in March that 2 Broke Girls has been renewed for a second season. The new sitcom has had a successful first season, earning the distinction of being the season's Number 1 new comedy in viewers and key demographics. In the GTA (Canada) it's shown Monday nights on City TV.

For information on how to become empowered click on the link /almostasecret.php?id=apink

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