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I've been writing (screen & novel) for about 15+ years and didn't start Blogging until getting involved with Network Marketing, and the chief difference that I've found is in creativity. As a lover of Science Fiction, there is far more room to use imagination to express my ideas.

Now, anyone can write a blog on just about anything, but unlike writing fiction, bloggers have to have what they're writing about stem from truth and accuracy. That means gathering information on the subject matter from trusted or reliable sources. That means research. Not to say that research isn't a major part of creative writing, but sometimes with blogging it feels like that's all I'm doing.

Of course that's not entirely true, but it feels like it. For me, I like to know the subject matter in order for it (the post) to be presented as trustworthy. With (science) fiction, the trustworthiness comes from the heart being poured into the pages. Thankfully, I live at a point in time in this civilization where information is at my fingertips (I don't have to run out to the library every day,lol)

The above is very true, and I can admit I don't have the same passion for blogging that I do for writing fiction, partly because sci fi (fantasy, anime, comics) has been a part of my life since childhood while blogging has been around for as long as a sneeze by comparison. I can say that blogging affords opportunities to take a tongue in cheek approach to presenting information, and I've read some very interesting (and entertaining) posts by people from many walks of life. Blogging does allow the average individual to express themselves and share thoughts... and actually... there are a lot of funny people out there.

I remember reading somewhere that writers are god-like (don't get your pants in a bunch, wait to see where I'm going with this before taking offence or hurling accusations of blasphemy) in that the world they create often takes on a life of it's own. The writer exists in the mind of every character and knows all elements of the past, present and future of the story (it's always advisable for writers to start off knowing how the story is going to end before they start writing the beginning) like creation the story couldn't exist without the writer, in most ways the story is the writer... on paper.

So what do I prefer? It's not really a fair question... to me it's like comparing apples to oranges. There's no comparison. But if I were forced to answer... I'd say I've come to like blogging very much, but love writing Sci Fi, and always will. However, the one thing I do like about blogging is that it can be short and sweet... (most times) just like this post., lol.

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